Dystonia: A systemic review


  • S. Venkatesh Pharmacy Practice, K.K. College of Pharmacy, Gerukambakkam, Chennai-600128
  • P. Joshua Arun Stanley Pharmacy Practice, K.K. College of Pharmacy, Gerukambakkam, Chennai-600128


Ought, Diminish, Focal, Segmental, Incapacitate


Dystonia is a development issue in which muscles contract automatically, causing dull or bending developments. The condition can influence one a player in your body (focal dystonia), at least two adjoining parts(segmental dystonia) or all parts of the body(general dystonia). The muscle fit can be gentle or extreme, and might meddle with execution of everyday undertakings. There is no remedy for dystonia. Be that as it may, pharmaceuticals can enhance side effects. Medical procedure is some of the time used to incapacitate or control nerves or certain mind locales in individuals with extreme dystonia. Care ought to be taken to treat dystonia and to diminish the manifestations to build the personal satisfaction.




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