Microbial Diversity of Proteolytic Bacteria in the Gut of Helicoverpa armigera


  • Neelam Saraf Dept. of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Shri. Bhagwan College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad (MS)
  • Surindar Kaur Makhija Dept. of Biochemistry, S.B. College of Science, Aurangabad (MS)
  • Manvendra Kachole Dept. of Biochemistry, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad (MS).


Proteolytic, Chickpea, Nutrient agar, MacConkeys agar, Casein hydrolysis, 16SrRNA


The present study describes the microbial diversity of proteolytic bacteria in the gut of Helicoverpa armigera. The insect was reared under laboratory conditions on chickpea (Cicer arietinum) and the life cycle was studied for two generations, from which healthy insects were selected for further study. The gut flora of H.armigera was isolated on Nutrient agar and MacConkeys agar, followed by incubation at room temperature and at 37oC respectively for 24 to 48 h. The ability of these isolates to hydrolyse casein and gelatin was used as an indicator to screen out proteolytic organisms. Out of 24 isolates 10 isolates showed casein and gelatin hydrolysis activity. The isolates were identified by using 16 SrRNA sequencing. This study provides a basis for deciding the pest control strategies.




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Neelam Saraf, Surindar Kaur Makhija, & Manvendra Kachole. (2015). Microbial Diversity of Proteolytic Bacteria in the Gut of Helicoverpa armigera. World Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 3(5), 903–909. Retrieved from https://wjpsonline.com/index.php/wjps/article/view/microbial-proteolytic-bacteria-gut-helicoverpa-armigera



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